JNT2 – Celebration Cake


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A sugar paste coated model cake will be made in any shape and theme. Styrofoam, internal support, wire, rod, etc., provided that it is not visible from the outside. can be used. Everything in sight must be edible. Isomalt, edible paper, edible lace and royal icing can be used as auxiliary materials in decoration. It is preferred that originality and hand workmanship be at the forefront in the work, and the use of molds should be minimal. The maximum display area is 75 cm x 75 cm and there is no height limit.
(The work must be ready at the specified area and table until 08:30 on the first day of the competition, and the work must be taken by the contestant from the table displayed at 15:00 at the end of the 4th day.)

Cost : 30 €
Age : 14 – 25


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