Gathering of five associations which are still acting in the field of culinary and food culture, All Cooks Federation (Tüm Aşçılar Federasyonu- TAF) has been established in 29 January 2007 and Mr. Yaşar Yalçın Manav who is the Chairman of the Kitchen Professionals Association has also been appointed as the Chairman of the Federation. Mr. Y.Y.Manav made a declaration about the establishment of the Federation : “The actions related with food culture and culinary affairs in Turkey have been developing recently. Also, the numbers of the associations who act in this field are increasing day by day. I suggest that everybody who deals with culinary and food culture should cooperate with each other to enable these actions to be continued in modern way. We, as those five associations who realised this requirement, decided to come together and established the All Cooks Federation (TAF). So, we have officially completed the establishment formalities which started on 16.10.2006.

Our federation aims to protect prestige of culinary job and to execute some actions in modern way to expand it. Also, to organise some activities to present the Turkish kitchen in the domestic and international areas and to try to create some training possibilities for sustaining the culinary job consciously are some other aims of the federation. Our federation is open to the demand of joining it by the all establishments who act on culinary field.

During the Congress of World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) which was held in last March in New Zealand, we had a conference on taking a place as a member of WACS and we were informed that a culinary federation which would be established in Turkey would be accepted as a member of WACS. In this respect, we informed them about All Cooks Federation as soon as the establishment formalities completed officially. Consequently, they confirmed that the only address of WACS in Turkey would be TAF.

Recently, some organizations that claimed to be international are being arranged having the name “Türkiye”. Also, those organisations are being presented as arranged depending on WACS’ works. In fact, those are only regional organisations and these claims are not true. In this connection, we would like to invite all the establishments who deals with culinary in our country to converge in TAF and to endeavour our country find the right place it deserves in the world of gastronomy. ”

All Cooks Federation (TAF) which has been formed by sixteen of our country’s leading organization in the world of gastronomy became a member of the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS), which is one of most respected professional organization in the world, accepts only one member from each country on May 15, 2008.