1. ENTRIES: Competitors must complete an entry form for each entry and forward it to the Administrator. Competitors can fill the form online using this address: www.istanbulgastronomyfestival.com
    ENTRY FEE: All entry fees must be included with the application for the classes.
    CLOSING DATE: The closing date for all entries is November, 25th 2023. Entry in some classes may be limited – it is in the competitors’ interests to apply promptly.
    PRACTICAL CLASSES: All entries for practical classes must be accompanied by brief description of work, in English.
    PROFESSIONAL HONESTY: It is responsibility of competitors to be able to assure the Judges that all work is their own making.
    DELIVERY OF EXHIBITS: All exhibits must be presented by the time stated, on the day specified. Competitors must arrange for their entries to be placed for judging in the position allocated. Late presentations are liable NOT to be judged.
    PRACTICAL COMPETITORS: Competitors for practical classes must register their attendance at the Practical Salon Office at least one hour prior to the starting time for the class. They must work on the station allocated at registration.
    COMPETITORS’ COLD EXHIBITS: All cold exhibits must be registered before display. Two labels will be issued, one to be attached to the top visual side of each entry. The second label will be attached underneath the exhibit.
    SECURITY OF DISHES: Whilst all reasonable care will be taken for the security of the dishes and equipment, the organizing committee will not be responsible for any losses or damages to exhibits, dishes, equipment or personal effects. Competitors are advised to suitably insure dishes for display. It is the individual’s responsibility to cover this personal risk.
    REMOVAL OF DISHES: All exhibits must be removed at the time stated and not before. The organizers have the right to remove and destroy exhibits remaining after such time. The organizers may remove any exhibits deemed to be unhygienic or below standard.
    JUDGING: All perishable exhibits will be judged on the day of entry. Canvassing of judges will disqualify a competitor.
    JUDGES: Judges will be briefed to mark up competitors who, in their opinion, show the maximum number of craft skills in producing their dishes. It is in the competitor’s interest to complete as many tasks, including butchery and filleting of fish, in the time allocated for that class. The Jury and Awards Committee acknowledges that some mis-en-place will be required. Except where that class criteria permits the following items only will be allowed:
    * Washed and peeled vegetables.
    * Basic stock and sauces
    * Uncooked prepared pastry
    RESULTS: Results will be displayed in the central area as soon as possible after judging is completed. Competitors are then encouraged to seek the advice and guidance of the judges. Please advise the Office if your details are incorrect.
    COMPLETION OF TIME: All competitors, at the completion of time, will be requested to stand back from the work units. Remember that unless otherwise stated, the Judges may penalize competitors for what could be considered excessive advanced preparation waste or late presentation.
    AWARD OF PRIZES: Awards will be made to the standard achieved. Where this is not reached no award will be made. * GOLD AWARD – 90 % or more
    * SILVER AWARD – 75 % or more
    * BRONZE AWARD – 65 % or more
    * CERTIFICATE OR MERIT – 55 % or more
    PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY: All competitors receiving Special Awards and Gold Medals will be presented during the Prizegiving Ceremony. You are requested to be dressed in chefs’ whites. Silver, Bronze Medals and Merit Certificates should be collected from the Administration Office, p.m. daily.
    CLASS TEAM BUFFET DISPLAY: Class Team Buffet Display is to be ready for judging by 09:00 hours on the day of exhibiting. Teams will be notified of their day of entry.
    PRACTICAL KITCHEN WORK AREA: Marks could be forfeited for areas not left hygienic on completion of competitions.
    EXHIBITS: All exhibits that have been judged in previous competitions cannot participate in this festival.
    KITCHEN EQUIPMENT: Any portable euipments will not be available in the kitchens. Competitors are required to supply their own equipments.
    ALL LARDER OR KITCHEN EXHIBITS must have a menu with the brief description of the display in English.
    ALL PLATED DISPLAY CLASSES are required to display within a 76 cm maximum wideness.
    INGREDIENTS and EQUIPMENT: Unless stated, competitors supply their own ingredients and portable equipment.
    JURY SUGGESTIONS: * Use of fresh ingredients enhance the taste of food.
    * In case competitors need more information about the rules and the competition categories, please fill in information request form.